My last weekend at Playa del Carmen

Last Saturday some friends wanted to have the best party in Playa del Carmen. So they contacted me and we had the best experience in the world!  So read this if you are ready to PARTY HARD in Playa.

abolengo 3


First was the pre-party and the best spot on the 12th avenue is Abolengo (a lavish Bartina where you get exotic drinks served in Mason Jars). So we bought a nice offer consisting in 2 hour open bar + a nice main course. We enjoyed 3 exotic drinks, while dancing to the music and watching the street starting to get crowded with #PartyHolics ready to have some fun in Playa del Carmen.

abolengo 2


After having a few dances with some hot girls and drinking the most incredible drinks I’ve had in a long time we felt ready to bring it to the next level. We asked Grupo Mandala’s Director directly about the best club for that specific night and he didn’t hesitate to answer: “Tonight Palazzo Playa is your best option”.

Have you ever dreamt with a sky full of disco balls?

Palazzo is one of the most iconic brands when talking about nightclubs in Playa. It is reserved for the most intense partyholics that are ready to have a night with no regrets and no limits! “What happens in Playa stays in Playa”–.


We walked 3 minutes to get to Palazzo and noticed there was a long queue outside the club, however this can easily be skipped by buying tickets online here. We showed our online reservation and got inside and to our table in less than 5 minutes. We were ready to party!

palazzo disco balls

The night started with getting a bottle of tequila, vodka and some shots of Kamikazee (one of my personal favorites). In less than 1 hour our bottles were empty and the club got full, so we knew it was time to shine on the dancefloor.


We got the chance to meet Christina, Kendra and Sarah the sexiest girls in the club, so we invited them to our table and asked for some more bottles to continue our epic night in Playa del Carmen.
You may wonder what happened after… but truth is what happens with ThePartyHolics stays with ThePartyHolics.


Blog by @ThePartyHolic (Snapchat)

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