One night at SKY PLAYACAR

The last weekend I decided to visit one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Mexico: Playa Del Carmen! As everyone knows going to Playa del Carmen means not only visit its beautiful beaches but also walking on the Fifth Avenue -which is the main street of Playa where you will find everything and it’s perfect to find a good restaurant, shopping and obviously for partying-.



Having so many places to party,  I decided to meet Sky nightclub, the new spot in the12th Av. located on the roof of Mandala Playacar All I can say about my experience is… WOW! Sky is a place like no other! And these are the 5 things I loved about it:

  1. Music: For sure the music is the most important element of a party and here it’s amazing! Really, all night I couldn’t stop dancing and singing, the DJ is so good!
  2. Environment: Sky offers an elegant atmosphere. When I get in, I loved everything: the decor, the view, the music and the good looking people! Everybody was dancing and having a good time.
  3. Decoration: You really have to be at Sky to notice that this place is unique and has beautiful upscale surroundings. The bar caught my attention, each bottle is illuminated and in the middle there’s a screen that make it look super flashy.
  4. Service: From the reception you realize that the place has the best service. Overall the staff was super friendly, helpful and polite. A service like this will make me return for sure!
  5. View: The best of the best, as I mentioned SKY is UNIQUE! It has an awesome view, it is a completely open space located on the roof of Mandala where you can appreciate the view to the best nightlife area.


Certainly Sky Playacar is a more private place than a regular nightclub but it has the best location and service! Sky is where you should probably go if you want to tell your friends you went to one of the best nightclubs in Playa Del Carmen


Blog by our partyholic @adrijgg

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