The City owns the night!

No matter what part of the world you are from, Fridays are always the most special day of the week and the Friday nights are the most expected. It is true that in a Paradise like Cancun is easy to forget the date and time because is a non-stop party, but even in this delightful destination the Fridays are obviously better than any other day.

Last Friday we visited the iconic nightclub: The City Cancun. Famous for being the largest one in Latin America and also notorious for being the place where the most important DJs around the world have made their beats sound until the sun appears in the horizon.

More than just a nightclub, The City is a full entertainment complex! Every Friday, this club offers the perfect blend of music, drinks and surprising moments like a fire dancers performance and much more that is just waiting for overtake your senses. After the fire dances, I was so concentrated trying to take a panoramic picture when suddenly noticed that everybody were looking to the roof so I looked up and discovered that on the top of me, into a jail cell,a sexy go-go was dancing like a goodness while the cage was flying across the complete venue.

Other of my preferred moments of the night was when the CO2 freshened to all the people. There is no better feeling than the cold CO2 making you feel like a garden-fresh after you are all sweaty for being dancing like a party animal. Good job The City!

What has set The City apart from other dancing clubs in Cancun is its commitment with their guest to enjoy the music and the night.  Also the lights effects are impeccable and the ambiance is unbeatable. We danced around the entire place –Yes! The three levels and even The City VIP areas– and everybody said they were having such a great night -just like us-.

Before we left I ordered for something sweet to the barman, he mixed some almond liqueur, cherries and something else, he told me he did not remember the name of the drink -I think he invented the mix at the moment- but it was the most amazing beverage I ever tried! So if you know the recipe or the name of a drink like this, please write it down in the comments.

For me, The City is one of the clubbing wonders of Cancun and the whole world. When The City is open, they own the night! Remember it only opens on Friday nights so make your dates work and don’t miss the chance to have a great night at The City Cancun.


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